Why Choose Us

Mission Statement

At Kadan Orthodontics, We change lives everyday by creating one amazing smile at a time. We provide that through state-of-the art orthodontic technology in an environment that is friendly, hassle free in modern offices that run on time

Dr. Kadan started this practice in 2001 with the goal of providing an environment that is warm, welcoming to patients and parents, where parents are encouraged to participate in the care of their children and where staff are hired based on their warm, friendly personalities, with the goal of providing an outstanding experience to all patients. Therefore all staff is expected to have great phone etiquette, greet patients with a smile, establish eye contact and must reflect the core values and mission statement of our practice.

Excellent Orthodontic Care

Sam Kadan, DMD is a board-certified orthodontist, and only one in three orthodontists pursue board certification by demonstrating a commitment to excellence in orthodontic care, as well as continuing education. Dr. Kadan’s exceptional patient care has earned him a position on Philadelphia Magazine’s list of Top Dentists for 2016, winner of the 2016 Happening List and 2015 designation as an Invisalign® Elite Provider.

He completed his orthodontic specialty training at the University of Rochester, and he currently holds a faculty position at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine to help develop the skills and expertise of future orthodontists.

Dr. Kadan has designed his facility to reflect his approach to patient care, and we look forward to giving you a tour as part of your consultation and introduction to our practice. Read reviews from patients Dr. Kadan has had the pleasure of treating!

Why Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Braces will give you a better and healthier smile by improving the way your teeth look, enhancing your oral hygiene and helping with any bite problems. You will feel more confident about the way you look and your ability to take care of your teeth and gums. One of the most surprising benefits for our patients is when they return to their regular dentist and hear excellent feedback on how well they are taking care of their oral health. For many, this is the first time in their lives that they had good news at the dentist.

Are Braces Right For Me?

Braces are most commonly used for correcting problems amongst children and teenagers, but today’s orthodontists are seeing more adults who want to improve their smiles. Regardless of your age, braces will help with:

  • Misalignment, crooked teeth and overcrowding
  • Open or closed bite
  • Large gaps and spaces between the teeth
  • Underbite or overbite

Dr. Kadan will explain what he finds during his examination. He will describe the problems that you may experience without treatment, as well as your options for braces.

Why is Straightening Your Teeth Important?

Gum disease, digestive problems, tooth loss, tooth decay and other health problems have been shown to be caused by improper bite and alignment. By having orthodontic treatment with braces, you are reducing your risk of developing these conditions.