Why Choose A Board Certified Orthodontist

Completing a residency in orthodontic care is the only mandatory qualification for orthodontic specialists, yet some orthodontists decide to broaden their knowledge and advance their practical experience by pursuing board certification. Pursuing certification from the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic certifying board recognized by the American Dental Association, is a voluntary and rigorous process.

Orthodontists who seek board certification are committed to providing the highest level of patient care, and they must demonstrate their commitment with successful completion of both written and oral examinations and a rigorous, peer-reviewed clinical presentation. Additionally, board-certified orthodontists are held to a lifelong commitment to continued education in the orthodontic field, which requires them to submit patient records and renew their certification every 10 years to remain board-certified.

Most orthodontists forego board certification due to the stringent requirements of the board certifying process. Only about 30% of orthodontists who complete their orthodontic training choose to complete the extensive board certification process.

Orthodontics: more than just a pretty smile

Most patients seek orthodontic treatment for the cosmetic benefits, but orthodontic care can provide much more than a brilliant smile. Orthodontists have the necessary and comprehensive understanding of dental anatomy, tooth and jaw alignment, and craniofacial joints, bones, and growth to create a bite that’s beautifully aligned and conducive to a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Orthodontists are trained to use a variety of orthodontic devices and appliances to control bone growth and align the teeth. Orthodontic specialists receive extensive training in a broad spectrum of orthodontic technologies because different patients require different modalities to achieve optimal results, and the ideal treatment for one patient may be ineffective for another.

While one patient can achieve straight, beautifully aligned teeth from Invisalign®, another patient with a more complex case may require traditional braces or even orthodontic surgery to achieve comparable results. An orthodontist who limits his practice to only one or a few types of modalities also limits his or her ability to help patients with all types of orthodontic cases achieve their desired smile. Board-certified orthodontists go a step beyond the minimum qualifications to practice orthodontic care to acquire the in-depth knowledge and broad range of experience required to demonstrate excellence in the entire field of orthodontia.

Philadelphia residents searching for an orthodontist, especially those who seek a qualified orthodontist in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, will be delighted to learn that Dr. Kadan is an orthodontist who’s board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics to treat all types of orthodontic cases. With extensive education and training, he’s reached an elite level within the orthodontic profession, which allows him to help his patients achieve straighter, healthier, and more beautifully aligned smiles.

Dr. Kadan’s goal and ultimate success in becoming a board-certified orthodontist serve as his commitment to providing exceptional orthodontic care for the residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with one of the area’s most sought-after board-certified orthodontists.