Accelerated Treatment

What is AcceleDent® Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment?

AcceleDent® is a special orthodontic device that you use in conjunction with your braces. The at-home treatment takes only 20 minutes each day and helps expedite the movement of your teeth. The treatment is completely painless and very easy.

Why Should I Consider AcceleDent®?

At Kadan Orthodontics, Dr. Kadan has chosen AcceleDent® for his patients because the technology is proven to shorten treatment times. The hand piece vibrates the bone and teeth to ease tooth movement so that your braces can straighten your teeth in a shorter amount of time. Our patients who use AcceleDent® typically reduce their overall orthodontic treatment time by one-third to one-half when compared to patients who do not use the device.

What are the Benefits of AcceleDent®?

When used in combination with braces, the AcceleDent® system:

  • Shortens the time period that patients need to wear braces to achieve their most beautiful smiles
  • Is easy to use
  • Fits in with your routine, even while reading, watching television, doing homework or listening to music
  • Is entirely pain-free
  • Has an ergonomic hand-piece that aids with proper use
  • Can be used by patients of all ages, including teenagers, older children, and adults

Is AcceleDent® Right For Me?

If you want to have a great smile in less time, AcceleDent® may be right for you. Ask Dr. Kadan about using AcceleDent® in conjunction with your braces when you meet with him for a personal consultation.

How Do I Use AcceleDent®?

Treatment with AcceleDent® takes only 20 minutes each day. You simply turn on the device and apply it to your teeth. We show you how to position the device on your teeth. You may have some tingling after treatment that feels similar to the sensation you have after using an electric toothbrush. Over time, you will get used to the experience of using AcceleDent®.